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TWIN PEAKS & FRIENDS: Introducing The Weird & Wonderful Musical World of David Lynch

And so we are invited to go in; into the mysteriously twisted, sickening at times, never straightforward world of David Lynch. One likes the arts and photography, another excels in music, or vocals, few make good films, while the rest write or paint; Lynch has done it all. Meeting Angelo Badalamenti, while filming his hugely successful 'Blue Velvet', proved to be the start of a captivating musical relationship, which Lynch has proven to treasure till today. More Inside ›

KID MOXIE Interview

[caption id="attachment_28439" align="alignleft" width="150"]Jazz Beitler4 Photo by Jazz Beitler[/caption] KID MOXIE is the musical moniker of Elena Charbila, the Greek born bass playing singer and actress based in Los Angeles. A full length album ‘Selector’ was released by Undo Records in 2009 and included bonus remixes by MARSHEAUX and FOTONOVELA. Continuing her association with Undo, she guested on NIKONN’s album ‘Instamatic’ in 2012. This year, she recorded possibly her best song yet as KID MOXIE with the beautiful transience of ‘The Bailor’; the song has become a favourite of DJs like Rusty Egan. Meanwhile, a Wayfarer remix was recently commissioned in aid of the David Lynch Foundation. More Inside ›

Introducing INJE

Hailing from Belgrade and featuring the nucleus of vocalist Jelena Miletić and instrumentalist Jovan Vesić, INJE have had the pleasure of supporting HURTS and FAITHLESS in their home country as well as being invited to play at Exit, one of Serbia’s most prestigious festivals for three years consecutively. Their chromatic Eastern Bloc charge will almost certainly please followers of LADYTRON. The excellent 'Kofein I CO2' from their EP 'Protok' is sort of DUBSTAR meets DAVID LYNCH soundtrack. More Inside ›