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The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2015

chvrches-every-open-eyeIn a far more productive year than 2014, many electronic music veterans returned to the fold in 2015 with their first new albums for many years. There were plenty of releases from independent acts too, with Nordic Europe being a particularly strong territory once again. With a restriction of one song per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2015… Continue Reading ›


PresenceOfMind by Krichan WihlborgAlthough PRESENCE OF MIND released recordings as early as 1995, having appeared on the cult synth compilation ‘Circuit One’, the Swedish trio only released their debut album proper in the summer of 2014. Utilising the crisp production ethos of Wallroth and Ambros, ‘One Step I’ takes some killer squelch bass and places it alongside the strong, melodic vocals of Lundström. PRESENCE OF MIND are an enticing live proposition. Continue Reading ›

DESTIN FRAGILE Halfway To Nowhere

DESTIN FRAGILE Halfway To NowhereThe formation of DESTIN FRAGILE dates back to 1993 when Swede Pontus Stålberg started collaborating with various musicians before joining forces with Daniel Malmöf and Stefan Nilsson for live performances. Nilsson and Stålberg ran a side project, the EBM inclined SPETSNAZ, who released four albums. Malmöf returned to complete the DESTIN FRAGILE cycle, which has culminated in the release of 'Halfway To Nowhere' on the Scanner label. Since it's been a 20 year wait for the album, the expectations run high. Continue Reading ›

ELECTRONIC SUMMER 2015 at Gothenburg Brewhouse

ES2015-Marsheaux+TrainToSpainThe best sort of electronic music events are those curated by electronic music enthusiasts, people who actually enthuse about the genre, recognise its history and expel a passion to see it continue as a defined artform. With VNV NATION, SOLAR FAKE, MARSHEAUX, KARIN PARK and PYSCHE featuring in the Electronic Summer 2015 line-up, a sell-out crowd at the Brewhouse Arena was eagerly anticipating a great weekend of music and culture. Continue Reading ›