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Italo Disco coincided with the growing use of synthesizers, vocoders and drum machines within dance music and became a distinct sub-genre with its own electro heart. Despite its name, Italo Disco was not strictly a native affair. In these darker, more turbulent times, the sunnier escapist disposition of Italo Disco is just what the Doctor Rhythm ordered. So here are 25 nominally Italo Disco tracks which have brought a smile to The Electricity Club’s face, with a restriction of one track per artist. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2012

Here are The Electricity Club’s 30 Songs of 2012, listed in alphabetical order. All have been released either in physical formats or digitally as purchasable or free downloads during the calendar year. However, the list is limited to one song per artist and does not include tracks which are exclusive to streams and videos or DJs only promos like the excellent remix of REPUBLICA’s ‘Christiana Obey’… so maybe next year perhaps? Continue Reading ›


One track getting a lot of love following a preview on blogs such as Bop2Pop is DIVINE KNIGHTS’ ‘Clouds,’ remixed by THE SANFERNANDO SOUND. Dark and dramatic, there is less emphasis on dance and more on dreamy atmosphere with the track coming over like THE SOUND OF ARROWS meeting a gothic PET SHOP BOYS! The accompanying video for ‘Clouds’ is suitably monochrome and theatrical. For this, DIVINE KNIGHTS happily lay on the slap… Continue Reading ›