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Since his return to making music again with ‘Racer’ in 2013, GIORGIO MORODER has been in demand as a DJ thanks to his glorious catalogue of productions spanning over five decades. Despite this, the ever modest three-time Oscar and four-time Grammy Award winning Italian from South Tyrol has downplayed his role as an electronic music innovator and disco pioneer. The 78 year old brought his first ever live tour to London’s Hammersmith Apollo... Continue Reading ›


74 is the new 24If there was ever a musical statement of intent, it has been made by GIORGIO MORODER’s most recent offering ‘74 Is The New 24’. It shows once again how electronic dance music should be done, and that there is no need to stoop down to guetta level or the retarded formulaic drops of harris and garrix… and no, their names do not merit the use of capital letters! Distinctly Giorgio, ‘74 Is The New 24’ could almost be a medley of all his pioneering work. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To GIORGIO MORODER

donna-summer-giorgio-moroderThere has been a resurgent interest in the work of GIORGIO MORODER thanks to his own life story being appropriately set to music by DAFT PUNK. But it was DONNA SUMMER’s ‘I Feel Love’ that brought the legendary producer to the world’s attention. Here are twenty pieces of interest that tell the story of the pioneer’s creative journey in electronics with a nomination restriction of one track per project but also omitting some of his more obvious hits which the world already knows and loves. Continue Reading ›