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30 Lost Art School Bops Of The Digital Era

Here are 30 songs which may have escaped attention as the world went grunge and then had an ongoing hangover in the wake of Britpop. Denied mainstream recognition and now lost when looking from a UK perspective even within the dwindling synth music community, these offerings come from artists who have mostly remained in total obscurity. Starting from 1992 when the CD established itself as the dominant format to the year before TEC came into being, here are 30 Lost Art School Bops. Continue Reading ›


SOFT METALS colourMaking sine waves on their extensive tour of North America at the moment are LA based duo SOFT METALS. The couple met through a mutual love of art and music, releasing their first EP ‘The Cold World Melts’ in 2010. Fusing Detroit techno and elements of acid house with European experimental forms, Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks have just released ‘Lenses’. In the midst of a busy touring schedule, SOFT METALS were kind enough to took time out to chat to The Electricity Club. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: ONE DOVE Morning Dove White

ONE DOVE were a moody Glaswegian trio comprised of Ian Carmichael, Jim McKinven and Dot Allison. McKinven was best known for his stint in ALTERED IMAGES. Producer Andrew Weatherall signed them to his Junior Boys Own label after hearing their independently released single 'Fallen' and became involved in the recording process. Seasoned by the icy but angelic voice of Dot Allison, it was something truly unique in the sphere of post Acid House electronic dance music. Continue Reading ›


The Electricity Club admits it didn't find the music of SUNDAY GIRL immediately appealing. Her first couple of pleasant offerings appeared to showcase her out as a model with ambitions to become the next ELLIE GOULDING. But her new single 'Stop Hey!' and songs from her album sampler sent out to music journalists revealed her to be a darker, more interesting proposition altogether... like a 21st Century DOT ALLISON with touches of BAT FOR LASHES and EMILIE SIMON. Continue Reading ›