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It Goes On – What’s Happened To Synthpop?

YEARS & YEARSToday, CHVRCHES are perhaps the nearest thing to the ‘Synth Britannia’ tradition and have proved that there is an international market for synthpop. But elsewhere, acts like YEARS & YEARS and EKKOES are being championed by the mainstream press as ‘synthpop’ when they clearly aren't. These mis-sold products would surely be questioned under the Trade Descriptions Act, like PPI? It goes on, so what has happened to synthpop? Continue Reading ›


fotonovela front coverThe concept of ‘A Ton Of Love’ was to produce a supreme electronic record featuring vocalists from all stages of classic synthpop as a homage to the genre. As a sign of their ambition, the first person they approached was OMD’s Andy McCluskey and the sessions went well… so well in fact that the resultant number ‘Helen Of Troy’ ended up on OMD’s ‘English Electric’ opus! One could be forgiven the tracks remaining on ‘A Ton Of Love’ might not be of the same standard. Continue Reading ›

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