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Missing In Action: YOUNGER YOUNGER 28s

Combining musical template of THE HUMAN LEAGUE with lyrical wit of PULP, YOUNGER YOUNGER 28s were the shining light in synthpop during an era full of dour landfill indie like TRAVIS following the fallout from Britpop. 17 years on, The Electricity Club managed to trace Ashley Reaks somewhere in the city of London; he kindly chatted about the period when he “was nearly a crap pop star...” More Inside ›


The switch to digital technology in the production of synthesizers caused a seismic shift not just in the way that music was produced, but also how analogue devices were perceived. The synths chosen are also from the first wave of digital synths and as such doesn’t include any of the current wave of digital-based products. More Inside ›

PARALLELS Metropolis

Canada often treats the listener of electronica to some sparkling gems, including GRIMES, DELERIUM, SKINNY PUPPY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY or RATIONAL YOUTH, and PARALLELS are now one of them. Known for their use of vintage synths, including the Korg PolySix and Juno 60, the self-confessed fans of DEPECHE MODE, KATE BUSH and NEW ORDER have now released their third opus 'Metropolis'. More Inside ›


embrace-the-crisis-black-heartEMBRACE THE CRISIS are three Philpott brothers, Gerry, Rob and Ray with Mark Plunkett. Originating from Dublin, they describe their style as ambient synthpop. 'Black Heart' is their debut outing and the band have showcased their material during various gigs and DEPECHE MODE parties. More Inside ›


JOHAN BAECKSTRÖM-2015Synthesist JOHAN BAECKSTRÖM first came to prominence with DAILY PLANET. But the duo went on hiatus for 18 years. During that long break, Baeckström had been preparing a solo record. Riding on the momentum accorded by the warm welcome back for DAILY PLANET in 2015, Baeckström completed his solo adventure, now titled 'Like Before'. He kindly took time out to chat to TEC about why the ‘Synth Is Not Dead’… More Inside ›

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