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The Electricity Club’s 2014 End Of Year Review

TEC003With 2013 having been one of the strongest years in electronic pop since its post-punk heyday, 2014 was always going to struggle to compete, despite it being the 50th Anniversary of the Moog synthesizer’s first prototype demonstration at the Audio Engineering Society convention in October 1964. While 2014 was nowhere near in terms of the high profile releases of 2013 or even 2011, it certainly surpassed the comparatively quiet year of 2012. Continue Reading ›


Eurasianeyes by Red Kite01Paul Russell and Mel Bell have been writing music together on and off for just over twenty years, although it wasn't until the spring of 2012 that EURASIANEYES was formally created, the name being taken from a song by COREY HART. With music heavily influenced by ULTRAVOX and MIDGE URE, their style is emotive and powerful.Their debut single ‘Far Off Land’ is one of their strongest tracks and tells the story of the pain and anguish that one experiences after a relationship break up. Continue Reading ›