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FEATHERS Live At Birthdays

FEATHERS-05FEATHERS have been called the female DEPECHE MODE since the release of their first single ‘Land Of The Innocent’ and the parent long player ‘If All Now Here’ in the first half of 2013. After a one-off gig with DEPECHE MODE at SXWS last March, FEATHERS were invited to support Basildon’s finest on the first European leg of their 2014 dates. To coincide with the conclusion of their DEPECHE MODE sojourn, FEATHERS played a one-off gig at Birthdays in London. Continue Reading ›


FEATHERS Only OneOne of the strongest albums of 2013 came from Texas based FEATHERS with ‘If All Now Here’; essentially the musical vehicle of Austin based singer / songwriter / programmer Anastasia Dimou, Softsynth described it as “about as good a debut as we’ve heard in a yonk’s age” while Popjustice simply said it as “very good”... To coincide with their big break supporting DEPECHE MODE, FEATHERS have released their first new material since ‘If All Here Now’ on a maxi-collection entitled ‘Only One’. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2013

In one of the most productive years ever for electronic music, The Electricity Club has found it extremely difficult to whittle down the list to 30 songs. The standard has been extremely high and songs which would have made the listing in previous years have been left off. So the songs on this alphabetical list have been released in physical formats, or digitally as purchasable or free downloads during the calendar year with a limit of one song per artist moniker. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s End Of Year Review 2013

The year started appropriately enough with an electronic number ‘2013’ by Belgian duo METROLAND. For the first six or seven months of 2013, it proved to be one of the most productive periods in electronic pop music. Not since the Autumn of 1981 had so many significant releases coincided. 2013 was a superb year where the music spoke for itself. Many of the veterans gave the best up-and-coming artists a real run for their money. Continue Reading ›

FEATHERS If All Now Here

Feathers-2It had to happen but has the world found its female DEPECHE MODE? American quartet FEATHERS are certainly in the running and in March, had the honour of supporting the Basildon boys at their SXWS gig in Austin, Texas. Combining modernism, dystopia and deserts, titles such as ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Night Seances’ provide the setting for a moody but accessible gothic allure that runs through the debut album ‘If All Now Here’. Continue Reading ›

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