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TEC’s 2017 End Of Year Review

The world found itself in a rather antagonistic and divisive state this year, as if none of the lessons from the 20th Century’s noted conflicts and stand-offs had been learnt. After a slow start to 2017, there was a bumper crop of new music from a number of established artists. Overall, it was artists of a more mature disposition who held their heads high and delivered, as some newer acts went out of their way to test the patience of audiences by drowning them in sleep while coming over like TRAVIS on VSTs. More Inside ›


Every now and again an album passes under the radar, being understated and not necessarily given the attention it deserves. But as we are entering the fully autumnal atmospheres, one opus stands out to fulfil the musical void, heading towards the wintery blues. ZOLA JESUS debuted in 2009 with the magnificently underrated 'The Spoils'. Having quickly aligned herself with the Ice Maiden Of Synth, Sweden’s FEVER RAY, who she supported live, Danilova started building a rather faithful fan base. More Inside ›


The First Lady of the Swedish electronic scene Karin Dreijer returns and the comeback is indeed a bit of a ‘Plunge’. Being one half of THE KNIFE who shook the foundations of Swedish synth music and created new directions in all things electronic, Dreijer has for years embodied the most influential figure in darker, artier synthpopia. THE KNIFE, formed in Gothenburg with her brother Olof, released a few notable albums, including the uncompromising ‘Shaking The Habitual’ in 2013. More Inside ›

THE KNIFE Shaking The Habitual

THE KNIFE Shaking The HabitualWhile Alison Goldfrapp has been the most influential female figure in electronic pop over the last ten years, it’s been Karin Dreijer Andersson who has been the heroine for those seeking much darker, idiosyncratic values. Her solo vehicle FEVER RAY has gained critical acclaim and fulfilled her more atonal aspirations with drones and sonic witchcraft emanating from the coven. ‘Shaking The Habitual sees Dreijer Andersson return to THE KNIFE in partnership with her brother Olof Dreijer and it has been quite evident following her FEVER RAY outing that further musicality experiments and aural challenges would beckon. More Inside ›


In a comparatively short period of existence, the living art of GAZELLE TWIN has made a worthy impression on the electronic music world. With the haunting intensity and unsettling future primitive of debut long player ‘The Entire City’, admirers have included JOHN FOXX and GARY NUMAN. Although originally inspired by the deep atonal experimentation of FEVER RAY, GAZELLE TWIN aka Elizabeth Walling differs with her classical vocal training and manipulated soprano stylings providing a ‘Fourth World’ vibe of possible musics like a dark angel of dystopian menace. More Inside ›

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