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FIFI RONG has continued gathering interest thanks to her fresh musical approach, quirky instrumentalism and angelic voice. And her latest EP 'Awake', which was aired right after her successful appearances with Swiss masters YELLO during their recent European tour, proves that the artist continues to explore various audio visual paths. From the ‘Awake’ EP, ‘Attack’ comes packaged with an animated video of a computer game of Nicktendo Continue Reading ›


Following some singular adventures in the neo-stateside pop of ‘The Same Road’ and the experimental reggae of The One’, avant-pop songstress FIFI RONG is back with a 4 track EP entitled ‘Awake’. She says: “Awake is about waking up to the truth after you have hypnotised yourself and deconstructing the paradoxes of human nature: subordination and rebellion, pain and joy, self-limitation and liberation”. The Beijing-born beauty is in a buoyant artistic mood. Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with FIFI RONG

One person who is not shying from experimenting within the electronica genre is Beijing born, London based FIFI RONG. Not only has she rebelled against the ordinary in her homeland China and took the bald step of relocating to somewhere she could really emerge. And since, she has. None other than YELLO invited her to tour and perform with them. The Electricity Club is catching up with FIFI RONG just in time for her latest release ‘The One’. Continue Reading ›

FIFI RONG The Same Road

Beijing-born songstress FIFI RONG pulls off a surprise with her latest single ‘The Same Road’. More uptempo than she has even been before with a driving nocturnal resonance, ‘The Same Road’ is accessible while still retaining the airy mystery of her previous work. The synthy soundscape is particularly enticing along with Rong’s distinctive vocal interplay. Directed by her regular visual collaborator Paris Seawell, the video for ‘The Same Road’ sees Rong in enigmatic dance motion. Continue Reading ›

FIFI RONG Future Never Comes

fifi-rong-future-never-comesLondon based FIFI RONG, who fled her birthplace Beijing, having been perceived as "weird" and totally misunderstood in her musical endeavours, has been busy polishing her unusual sound for a few years now. And now the 'Future Never Comes'... Co-written and produced by long-time fan Mark Rose via the PledgeMusic campaign, Rong showcases the sound of an artist at top of her game. Continue Reading ›

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