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FAKE TEAK were actually first name checked on The Electricity Club by VILE ELECTRODES back in 2011. With diverse influences such as Krautrock, Afrobeat, funk, rock and electronica, the band has since evolved and it would be fair to say they have a unusual hybrid sound that falls neither into exclusively synth or alternative music circles. After a long gestation period, the London-based quartet finally get to release their self-titled debut long player. Continue Reading ›

FFS Live at The Troxy

FFS-Troxy-05To say that FFS’ performance at The Troxy in London was a blinder would be an understatement. There is no doubt that the six piece’s self-titled collaborative album is one of the best of 2015. It has reinvigorated both acts and proved that age is no barrier to making great music. In the packed venue that clearly forgot to switch its air conditioning on, Russell Mael and Alex Kapranos displayed a wonderful, endearing camaraderie. Continue Reading ›


The debut long player by FFS could easily be titled ‘Art School Musical’. A union of FRANZ FERDINAND and SPARKS, unlike many collaborations which are often distant and detached, this visceral project has centred around working as a six piece band together in a room. The partnership appears to have invigorated both acts too. A great example of how this relationship has gelled is reflected on the ironically titled ‘Collaborations Don’t Work’. Continue Reading ›

FFS Johnny Delusional

ffs-02‘Johnny Delusional’ is the lead single from the self-titled album by FFS, a new project comprising of Glasgow based art school quartet FRANZ FERDINAND and everyone’s favourite quirky pop siblings SPARKS. While ‘Johnny Delusional’ starts like the intro of FRANZ FERDINAND’s ‘Walk Away’, it then launches into a stomping indie rocker with Russell Mael’s trademark falsetto and Ron Mael’s piano interplay augmented by stabs of octave bass synth. Continue Reading ›