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When Bill Leeb left SKINNY PUPPY to form FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, back in 1986, it seemed that he was jumping the ship everyone wanted to be on. The Vancouver-based band were rising with a post-punk tide that combined synthesizers, hard rhythms and splatter movie images as a counterpoint to the commercial sounds that filled the airwaves of the period. Their popularity had helped Nettwerk Records get a distribution deal with a major label in the US, while the band were signed to an independent in Europe. Continue Reading ›

DELERIUM Mythologie

delerium-mythologie-a_w-medresDELERIUM originated in Canada as a side enterprise of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, with Bill Leeb as the only constant member. Leeb and Michael Balch started off as darker ambient sound enthusiasts, but the evolution of line-up changes gradually migrated DELERIUM's sound onto electronic dance. 'Mythologie' is the fifteenth studio album by the Leeb-Fulber collaboration, with a helping hand from Jared Singerland and Craig Johnsen. Continue Reading ›