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FUTURE PERFECT’s Dirty Little Secrets was one of the most welcome independent electronic releases of 2010. The end result sounding not unlike one of the SUGABABES wandering accidentally into a DEPECHE MODE recording session circa 'Music For The Masses'. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the new album 'Escape' sees a slight change in direction with Simon Owen taking on a significant number of lead vocals and Rebecca Morgan handling more synths. Continue Reading ›

FUTURE PERFECT Dirty Little Secrets

Consisting of the striking Trinity-like figure of Rebecca Morgan and stern synthesist Simon Owen, Welsh duo FUTURE PERFECT’s debut album ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ does not disappoint. Anyone who has taken delight in their excellent single ‘Hunter’ will enjoy the immediacy of the uplifting songs collected here. Vintage synths such as a Roland JP8000 and Yamaha CS15 flavour proceedings throughout. Continue Reading ›


FUTURE PERFECT are a new duo from North Wales consisting of instrumentalist Simon Owen and singer / songwriter Rebecca Morgan. They say they sound like a mash-up of lots of different synthpop sounds with a dark and sexy edge! The superb single ‘Hunter’ combines precise pulse driven electro with that guilty pleasure of a handbag rave styled vocal. Continue Reading ›