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JOHN FOXX 21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City

JOHN FOXX 21st Century‘21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City’ is a new compilation that gathers JOHN FOXX’s song based work from since the turn of the millennium.

After a hiatus between 1986 to 1995, Foxx has since been extremely prolific, dividing his time between a number of pop-oriented,

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GAZELLE TWIN Out Of BodyWhen the supreme GAZELLE TWIN aka Elizabeth Bernholz meets an animator and film maker Carla McKinnon, the most suiting expectation of the collaboration would be a piece of work of extraordinary texture and intensity.

‘Out Of Body’ was originally commissioned by the London Short Film Festival in 2015. 

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EMIKA Flashbacks EP

emikacrp2Berlin-based EMIKA is one of the dark horses of UK electronic music. With her trademark sub-dub bass, an unsettling creepiness looms in her brand of experimental pop. Her introverted electronica has developed into a more expansive, immediate template via her third album ‘Drei’ in 2015.

EMIKA is currently completing her first classical project ‘How To Make A Symphony’.

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Annual General Meeting Vol 1 - CassetteSince establishing itself in 2010, the Brighton based artistic co-operative Anti-Ghost Moon Ray has successfully launched acts such as GAZELLE TWIN and BERNHOLZ to a wider audience, thanks to the patronage of key veterans such as JOHN FOXX and BLANCMANGE.

To start 2016, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray have curated a compilation entitled ‘Annual General Meeting Record –

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Five Years of TEC: 30 Favourite Gigs 2010 – 2014

In the five years since its formation on 13th March 2010, The Electricity Club has reviewed over a hundred gigs and witnessed some fabulous live performances as well as some not so great ones… one was so bad in fact, TEC declined to submit a review in the end!

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