Introducing ANNEKA

From Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, the Brighton-based collective that brought you GAZELLE TWIN, comes another enticing songstress by the name of ANNEKA.

Having already opened for EAST INDIA YOUTH and guested for other artists including STARKEY, ITAL TEK and FALTY DL, Anneka Warburton’s avant pop has now come to full solo fruition with the release of her first EP ‘Life Force’. The brooding title song begins sparsely with the breathy air of HANNAH PEEL before pulsing sequences and a cacophony of voices penetrate through to create a cavernous atmosphere.

Captivatingly cinematic, its imaginative narrative comes from the perspective of an android with a plea to “give me flesh, give me blood, it’s what I need”. As it progresses, ‘Life Force’ becomes more ritualistic, but with a subtle percussive fervour rather than tubthumping.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic video provides an appropriate cerebral visual accompaniment that compliments the mood in each of the song’s various mini-movements.

Of the other tracks, sampled voices dominate ‘Caramel’ like OMD at their most experimental, producing a synthetic sound sculpture that is delightfully odd but accessible. The eerily funereal ‘A Strange & Distant Town’ aurally documents the end of a destructive relationship in a collage of chorals.

A haunting soprano intros the EP closer appropriately titled ‘End Of It’. Taking a leaf out of the early work of GAZELLE TWIN, it is the apocalypse presented as a unsettling but dreamy soundscape, layered with raw vocals and assorted technological treatments.

Short but sweet, the ‘Life Force’ EP is a fine introduction to ANNEKA that possesses a ghostly escapism that creates time and space to think.

‘Life Force’ is released by Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and available as a download with a 10 page digital art booklet from

Text by Chi Ming Lai
1st May 2017

JOHN FOXX 21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City

JOHN FOXX 21st Century‘21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City’ is a new compilation that gathers JOHN FOXX’s song based work from since the turn of the millennium.

After a hiatus between 1986 to 1995, Foxx has since been extremely prolific, dividing his time between a number of pop-oriented, ambient and soundtrack projects. The first section of this collection is laid out chronologically before the compilation’s appendix of assorted collaborations and remixes. More inside>>


GAZELLE TWIN Out Of BodyWhen the supreme GAZELLE TWIN aka Elizabeth Bernholz meets an animator and film maker Carla McKinnon, the most suiting expectation of the collaboration would be a piece of work of extraordinary texture and intensity.

‘Out Of Body’ was originally commissioned by the London Short Film Festival in 2015. Best experienced as a unity of music and film, this album fortifies GAZELLE TWIN’s position as the gem brightly shining in the sea of mediocrity. More inside>>

EMIKA Flashbacks EP

emikacrp2Berlin-based EMIKA is one of the dark horses of UK electronic music. With her trademark sub-dub bass, an unsettling creepiness looms in her brand of experimental pop. Her introverted electronica has developed into a more expansive, immediate template via her third album ‘Drei’ in 2015.

EMIKA is currently completing her first classical project ‘How To Make A Symphony’. But the interregnum sees the release of an EP entitled ‘Flashbacks’. More inside>>


Annual General Meeting Vol 1 - CassetteSince establishing itself in 2010, the Brighton based artistic co-operative Anti-Ghost Moon Ray has successfully launched acts such as GAZELLE TWIN and BERNHOLZ to a wider audience, thanks to the patronage of key veterans such as JOHN FOXX and BLANCMANGE.

To start 2016, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray have curated a compilation entitled ‘Annual General Meeting Record – Volume 1’, with profits in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières. More inside>>