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The soundtrack of The Blitz Club was provided by its resident DJ Rusty Egan and its story is more than well documented. Using Dave Rimmer’s 2003 book 'New Romantics: The Look' as an initial reference point and calling on the memories of Rusty Egan himself to verify whether he had actually played these songs in his DJ sets, here are The Electricity Club’s 25 Songs Of The Blitz Club to celebrate the flamboyant legacy of that Blitz Spirit. Continue Reading ›

ZEUS B HELD Interview

ZEUS B HELD is the veteran German producer and remixer who has been a key presence in the development of electronic pop music. His production breakthrough came from working with GINA X PERFORMANCE in 1979. He returned to electronic music in 2015 with the release of ‘Logic of Coincidence’ and he teamed up with former TANGERINE DREAM member Steve Schroyder to form DREAM CONTROL. ZEUS B HELD kindly stopped for coffee to chat to The Electricity Club. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To ZEUS B HELD

Zeus B Held may be not as well-known as Giorgio Moroder, Conny Plank, Martin Rushent, Mike Howlett and Colin Thurston, but the German producer has been a key presence in the development of electronic pop music. Without doubt deserving greater recognition for his adventures in modern recording, The Electricity Club looks back at eighteen of his works, with a restriction of one track per artist moniker… Continue Reading ›

ZEUS B HELD Logic of Coincidence

ZEUS B HELD Logic of CoincidenceTWI1166German producer ZEUS B HELD may be not as well known as some of his contemporaries but he has been key to the development of electronic pop music. His credits have included FASHION, DEAD OR ALIVE, JOHN FOXX, DIE KRUPPS, GARY NUMAN and NINA HAGEN. But he first became more widely known as one half of GINA X PERFORMANCE. In 2005, Uncut Magazine referred to him as "an artier Giorgio Moroder". Recorded in Japan, Germany and the UK, ‘Logic of Coincidence’ is Held’s first solo record since since 1981’s ‘Attack Time’. Continue Reading ›