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KOVAK Modern Lovers

KovakModernLoversFrontCoverThe second album from Brighton based pop combo KOVAK, ‘Modern Lovers’ has been a long time coming. But a combination of record company politics and the birth of singer Annelies Van de Velde’s first child put things on hold, until now. Finishing the album with noted studio hand Andy Gray contributing synths, the Bray brothers Karl and Darran have crafted an immediate new wave disco record that recalls BLONDIE and GIORGIO MORODER. Continue Reading ›


moroderDejaVuAt 74 years of age, GIORGIO MORODER has nothing more to prove, he’s back because he wants to be. Da Maestro’s 21st Century musical return was launched in 2013 when he was commissioned by Google Chrome for their online game ‘Racer’. ‘Déjà Vu’ is GIORGIO MORODER’s first album bearing his name since his 1985 collaboration with Phil Oakey from THE HUMAN LEAGUE. It features an impressive roll call of well-known pop princesses such as SIA, BRITNEY SPEARS, KYLIE MINOGUE, CHARLI XCX, FOXES and KELIS. Continue Reading ›

ZEUS B HELD Logic of Coincidence

ZEUS B HELD Logic of CoincidenceTWI1166German producer ZEUS B HELD may be not as well known as some of his contemporaries but he has been key to the development of electronic pop music. His credits have included FASHION, DEAD OR ALIVE, JOHN FOXX, DIE KRUPPS, GARY NUMAN and NINA HAGEN. But he first became more widely known as one half of GINA X PERFORMANCE. In 2005, Uncut Magazine referred to him as "an artier Giorgio Moroder". Recorded in Japan, Germany and the UK, ‘Logic of Coincidence’ is Held’s first solo record since since 1981’s ‘Attack Time’. Continue Reading ›


74 is the new 24If there was ever a musical statement of intent, it has been made by GIORGIO MORODER’s most recent offering ‘74 Is The New 24’. It shows once again how electronic dance music should be done, and that there is no need to stoop down to guetta level or the retarded formulaic drops of harris and garrix… and no, their names do not merit the use of capital letters! Distinctly Giorgio, ‘74 Is The New 24’ could almost be a medley of all his pioneering work. Continue Reading ›


hyperbubble also by Joe WallaceBionic Bubblepunk duo HYPERBUBBLE made a rare visit to the UK recently when they were invited to play HELEN LOVE’s ‘Does Your Heart Go Boom?’ all dayer at The Lexington in London. It was their first gig in the capital and in front of an audience more used to feisty indie pop, they won over the audience with their quirky electronic performance art. After their enjoyable set, HYPERBUBBLE kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about Synths, Justice and The American Way. Continue Reading ›

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