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LEBROCK Interview

Hailing from sunny Peterborough, LEBROCK describe themselves as “a retro cinematic experience”. Shaun Phillips and Michael Medows pride themselves on their rockier edge to achieve their take on the synthwave sound. The duo first came to wider attention with their debut independent release ‘Action & Romance’ in 2017. Playing the next Outland live presentation prior to the Easter weekend, The Electricity Club caught up with the duo to talk all things LEBROCK. Continue Reading ›

GUNSHIP Dark All Day

A trio consisting of Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway and Alex Gingell, GUNSHIP found their niche audience with the lovers of vintage gaming, flicks and sounds of the golden synth era and all things neon. Their first ‘Gunship’ album, alongside the now famous animated quasi films made by the trio, created a stir enough for the band to collaborate with none other than JOHN CARPENTER. 'Dark All Day' is their second offering to wow audiences who favour the rockier take on synth Continue Reading ›


Ever wanted to chase down the flesh eating zombies? Look no further but the latest animation from GUNSHIP... GUNSHIP’s 2015 release of their eponymous album was eagerly received by the lovers of vintage gaming, films and sounds of the golden synth era and this Autumn is bringing the release of a follow-up long player ‘Dark All Day’. And here comes the first single, sharing its title with the record’s name. Continue Reading ›

THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS The Official Companion Album

And so The Synths rise, to combat the ordinary, to get ahead, to prove that this isn’t a mere revival; it’s a continuation of the trend started a long time ago, a trend which has been bubbling away in the hearts and minds of many, the army of the underground, which is now unleashing its machines to show the world their supremacy. ‘The Rise Of The Synths’ is the definitive documentary about the electronic music of its mainstream heyday and the nostalgia of those years. Continue Reading ›