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A Beginner’s Guide To MARTIN RUSHENT

Although he became a noted producer during the height of punk, it was with THE HUMAN LEAGUE’s ‘Dare’ that Martin Rushent’s reputation as an electronic music pioneer was forged. Focussing primarily on his work with synthesizers and technology, The Electricity Club looks back at the post-punk career of Martin Rushent. With a limit of one track per album project and presented in chronological order, here is a Beginner’s Guide to the late, great man… Continue Reading ›

HARD CORPS Interview

HARD CORPS are an act who today clearly enjoy a cult status even though they only released one album and a handful of singles during their active years from 1983 to 1990. Their classic songs like Je Suis Passée and To Breathe are still played frequently in Swedish electro clubs but the band themselves are still little known to most people. With the release of Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt To, a collection of previously unheard versions and lost material from the HARD CORPS archives on New York’s Minimal Wave Records, Johan Wejedal spoke to Rob Doran, one of the band's founders. Continue Reading ›