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The Electricity Club’s 2010 End Of Year Review

thurts2010 saw the return of the male synthpop act, smart boys with their toys and their nods towards the classic era of Synth Britannia. Leading the way were VILLA NAH and MIRRORS who both fused quality songs with vintage sounds and crisp contemporary percussive frameworks. Meanwhile HURTS, the enigmatic duo who many predicted for major success in 2010, rattled the cages of the style over substance brigade. Continue Reading ›


Despite the resurgence of sophisticated electropop in 2010 with its own new classic sounding acts such as HURTS and MIRRORS plus the long awaited return of OMD and THE HUMAN LEAGUE, it would appear that British ears are still largely oblivious to the distinct musical quality on offer. In mainland Europe, the artful sound of the synthesizer is being embraced again, especially in electronic music’s spiritual homeland of Germany. So why is this? Is it ‘Der Deutsche Faktor’? Continue Reading ›


HURTS StayHURTS release their new single 'Stay' from their grower of an album 'Happiness'. Broken and affecting, 'Stay' exposes a feeling of melodramatic despair but the chanting chorus somehow lifts and soars. The understated, but epic sophistication that is apparent in their live show is captured in the superbly picturesque promo video directed by Mikey Finnigan. Taking its nods primarily from 'Ryan's Daughter', it would seem that Adam and Theo have been watching some ULTRAVOX videos too. Continue Reading ›

HURTS Happiness

"After buckets of blood, tears and gold and emptying the contents of our hearts, it is now over. We feel proud to announce that we will call our child 'Happiness'"was how HURTS announced the arrival of their debut long player. Following a period of relative inactivity using the less means more philosophy, HURTS have finally allowed the public hear what the fuss has been all about following the appearance of the monochromatic viral video of ‘Wonderful Life’ over a year ago. Continue Reading ›

HURTS Live at Koko

HURTS are aiming to take the synthesizer duo into the 21st Century. Monochromatic like early OMD and enigmatic like classic PET SHOP BOYS, the whole myth around them has solely been based around the magnificence of the song ‘Wonderful Life’. Tonight at London’s Koko (formerly Steve Strange’s Camden Palace as Theo reminded everyone later), HURTS attempt to deliver their brand of NuRomo to the post Cool Britannia generation. Continue Reading ›

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