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HYPERBUBBLE Pretty Plastic

Celebrating 20 years of HYPERBUBBLE, the Texan electro artpunk duo release ‘Pretty Plastic’, a compendium of their work previously scattered across vinyl, EPs and compilations. As well as gathering rarities, ‘Pretty Plastic’ also includes slight variations on some of their best known songs that have gained the duo a worldwide cult audience. Beginning with ‘Jouet Pop’ aka ‘Girl Boy Pop Toy’, this is the couple’s appealing musical mission statement as the “synthesizer couple”. More Inside ›


The quirky Texan husband and wife duo HYPERBUBBLE have finally delivered their long awaited cosmic country album with a twist, inspired by 'Switched On Nashville'. First revealed during an interview for The Electricity Club in 2014, ‘Western Ware’ puts the “MOO” into Moog!! It was actually recorded in the home city of country music. More Inside ›

TEC’s 2016 End Of Year Review

tec2016review-mopho2016 will forever be remembered as the year when a significant number of cultural icons and popular musical figures left us; DAVID BOWIE, PRINCE, TOMITA, PETE BURNS, COLIN VERNCOMBE, KEITH EMERSON, DON BUCHLA and LEONARD COHEN were just some of the names who sadly departed. But despite sadness that loomed, the year did produce some good music, particularly in the second half of the year, although in all, 2016 was not a vintage year for electronic pop. More Inside ›


Hyperbubble Music To Colour byHYPERBUBBLE have always been like a living / breathing pop art concept so their unique music and coloring book artefact for some workshops at The San Antonio Museum of Art was not entirely a surprise. The quirky husband and wife duo of Jeff and Jess DeCuir have composed a ten track instrumental soundtrack which can accompany the therapeutic shading of a 16 page 8.5 x 11 inch coloring book featuring art by HYPERBUBBLE, or act as an entity of its own. More Inside ›

SPRAY Enforced Fun

SPRAY ENFORCED FUNartworkJenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn (aka John Matthews) jokingly describe themselves as "Synth folk straight outa Lancashire". Having been members of THE CUBAN BOYS, with whom they topped the singles charts in the UK, the twosome took on an off-shot project, SPRAY. Two albums have been released since, followed by further EPs. And now, SPRAY have returned with a lengthy production mischievously entitled 'Enforced Fun'. More Inside ›

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