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hyperbubble & Manda Rin‘In The Movies’ is a colourful cartoon pop tune from Texan synth duo HYPERBUBBLE and MANDA RIN, one-third of Glaswegian indie popsters BIS. The song is accompanied by a video directed by Jeff and Jess De Cuir of HYPERBUBBLE; the various cartoons drawn by Jeff himself also pay tribute to a number of classic Hollywood movies. How many can you identify?< Warning…this video is classified F-Feline with pervasive sense of humour, synths and scenes depicting criminal activity. Continue Reading ›

HYPERBUBBLE Drastic Cinematic

Soundtrack albums to imaginary films are nothing new. BRIAN ENO did two including ‘Music For Films’ and ‘Original Soundtracks’ with PASSENGERS aka U2 while PAUL HAIG had ‘Cinematique’. But what HYPERBUBBLE have come up with is the Texan equivalent of BARRY ADAMSON’s ‘Moss Side Story’, only it’s not actually very American at all. Continue Reading ›


Already veterans of two albums 'Solid Pop' and 'Airbrushed Alibis', HYPERBUBBLE deliver a species of cartoonish synthpop that is reminiscent maybe of Brighton's KATSEN, but most definitely of that great lost duo VIC TWENTY. Their most recent album 'Candy Apple Daydreams' is a tasty fairground ride that takes in influences as diverse as YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA and OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING to THE OHIO EXPRESS and THE CAPTAIN & TENNILLE. Continue Reading ›

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