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IAMX Alive In New Light

Since moving to sunny Los Angeles, Chris Corner is surely continuing his “public therapy”. The music, which substitutes any drug, works wonders for the ex-shy and retiring member of SNEAKER PIMPS, come THE ALTERNATIVE ARTIST of today. 'Metanoia' with its 'Addendum' marked the transition process IAMX underwent, moving from cold and gloomy Berlin in the search of inspirational metamorphosis . Currently the sound manipulator is basking 'Alive In New Light'. Continue Reading ›

IAMX Unfall

What could possibly beat ‘Metanoia’ or its Addendum? What could further elevate Chris Corner aka IAMX to higher heights? ‘Unfall’ can... With every subsequent release, the, now LA based, sound magician, proved that electronic music can wear many outfits and parade all colours; not just the black. Instrumental albums have been flowing in nicely as of late within the genre, with many of Corner’s colleagues excelling with their messages conveyed over “no words, just music” provisions. Continue Reading ›

GARY NUMAN My Name Is Ruin

The Android In La La Land is back, back! BACK! While ‘My Name Is Ruin’ does borrow heavily from ‘Love Hurt Bleed’, one of the highlights from ‘Splinter’, it features several interesting musical directions. Meanwhile the song features vocals from GARY NUMAN’s daughter Persia which add a distinctly ghostly edge to proceedings. She even makes an appearance in the superbly panoramic post-apocalyptic video filmed in the Californian dessert. Continue Reading ›

IAMX Everything Is Burning

IAMX Everything is BurningSince Chris Corner aka IAMX has made sunny Los Angeles his home and has showcased his sixth studio album 'Metanoia' extensively throughout Europe and the US, his public therapy seems to be working extremely well. This month sees a further seven new tracks being released under the umbrella of 'Everything Is Burning', as an 'Addendum' to 'Metanoia', altogether with new remixes of songs featured on the original 2015 release. Continue Reading ›

GARY NUMAN Discusses Pledge Music + More

numan-trigwell-04Following the success of ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’, GARY NUMAN is taking a different approach for his next long playing project. The Electricity Club spent an enjoyable hour chatting to GARY NUMAN about why he has chosen to go the Pledge Music route, what fans can expect if they choose to pledge and how the collaboration process has changed for musicians over the years… Continue Reading ›

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