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MOOD TAEG Exophora

MOOD TAEG are a detached combo split between Düsseldorf and Shanghai. From the likes of CAN, CLUSTER, NEU! and HARMONIA to more recent exponents of the form like CAVERN OF ANTI-MATTER and IMMERSION, MOOD TAEG follow in the tradition of instrumental kosmische experimentation. Their debut album ‘Exophora’ comprises of five lengthy tracks exploring the rhythmic hypnotism of Apache beats, half speed guitar and expansive electronic soundscaping. Continue Reading ›


Colin Newman is best known as the front man for WIRE, the genre-crossing band that put the po in post-punk. Together with Malka Spigel, Newman sometimes produces material as IMMERSION, an act with strong electronic sensibilities. After a long break, the duo have recently taken up that guise in greater earnest. Colin Newman recently spoke with The Electricity Club about IMMERSION’s activity and WIRE’s plans. They have released a new album 'Sleepless'. Continue Reading ›