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Missing in Action: MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO

Along with VILE ELECTRODES, KATSEN and ARTHUR & MARTHA, Teeside’s MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO were among a wave of independent British acts who rode alongside more mainstream acts like LA ROUX, LITTLE BOOTS, HURTS and MIRRORS. Kev Oyston kindly took time to chat about his time with MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO, his continuing admiration for GARY NUMAN and his new more unorthodox musical project THE SOULLESS PARTY… Continue Reading ›

30 Lost Art School Bops Of The Digital Era

Here are 30 songs which may have escaped attention as the world went grunge and then had an ongoing hangover in the wake of Britpop. Denied mainstream recognition and now lost when looking from a UK perspective even within the dwindling synth music community, these offerings come from artists who have mostly remained in total obscurity. Starting from 1992 when the CD established itself as the dominant format to the year before TEC came into being, here are 30 Lost Art School Bops. Continue Reading ›


BOO_profile_fireplaceSouth Coast based synth duo BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA have been building on a momentum which has seen them gain the support of BBC Introducing. The husband and wife DIY duo of Brigitte Rose and Chris Black released their first album ‘Incomplete Until Broken’ in September 2014 several years.. Their brand new album ‘Radiation’ has been a welcome ray of sunshine in a dreadfully gloomy 2016. They kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about their DIY ethos… Continue Reading ›


BOO-Radiation_coverartSince their 2012 debut mini-album ‘AC/EP’, BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA have been steadily building a fine reputation for their quirky chiptune influenced synth adventures. The DIY duo of Brigitte Rose and Chris Black released their first album ‘Incomplete Until Broken’ in September 2014. Inspired by a poltergeist experience after a gig in Hamburg, ‘Radiation’ is a dark journey encompassing themes of broadcasting, ESP, sex, mind control and alien beings. Continue Reading ›


Battery Operated Orchestra-01One of the best electronic albums of 2009 was ‘It Hertz!’ by eccentric synthpop duo KATSEN. Championed by BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, despite the critical acclaim, there was however to be just one live gig supporting VILE ELECTRODES and another EP ‘Basic Pleasure Unit’ before Donna Grimaldi and Chris Blackburn called it a day. Fast forward to today and Chris Blackburn is back with his Yamaha CS01, this time with his wife Brigitte Sutherland hailing from Hobart, Tasmania in BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA. Their first album ‘Incomplete Until Broken’ was released in September. Continue Reading ›