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A Short Conversation with SARAH P.

It's been a while since Sarah Anna Psalti-Helbig worked in Greece on her project KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS with RΠЯ. Seemingly, even the magnificent 'Oostende', taken from their debut 'At Home' couldn't keep Sarah in Athens, seeing the songstress relocating to Berlin for a much needed new challenge and the change of scenery. SARAH P. has now unveiled her first proper long player 'Who Am I'. TEC is chatting to the lady herself, about the past, present and future for SARAH P. Continue Reading ›


KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS was the first project Sarah Anna Psalti was involved with. After the release of their debut long player ‘At Home’, SARAH P. decided to relocate to Berlin, where she desperately needed a new start. Her first EP ‘Free’ showed a difference in direction and now with ‘Who Am I’, Sarah finally unveils the long awaited gem she’d been talking about. Continue Reading ›

SARAH P. Golden Deer

Sarah-P-Golden-Deer-StillGreek songstress SARAH P. recently said that her debut release ‘Free’ was a love letter to her inner psyche. Varied and enticing, 'Free' is a vivid commentary on relationships and politics, combining pop and leftfield aspirations in a similar vein to SANTIGOLD or GOLDFRAPP. This enthused spirit is reflected in the visual presentation of ‘Golden Deer’ which comprises of not one, but three music videos directed by visual artists Schall & Schnabel. Continue Reading ›


SARAH P by Christoph Neumann Photography.Greek electropop goddess SARAH P. started her music career in 2010 as the frontwoman of KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS. Her debut mini-album 'Free' turned out to be her most direct work yet. 'I’d Go' was possibly its standout track and with an afflicted demeanour of optimism, she announced "I'm not afraid, why should I be? Now I'm free..." - directed by Kemara Pol, the endearing homemade video for ‘I’d Go’ breaks down some of the mystique surrounding SARAH P. Continue Reading ›

SARAH P. Interview

Photo by Christoph Neumann The voice of SARAH P. is both spooky and captivating, like a cross between Polly Scattergood, Alison Goldfrapp and Elizabeth Fraser while shaped by Nancy Sinatra and Tracey Thorn. She launched her solo career with ‘Free’, a debut that combines a variety of emotions and textures for an enticing listening experience. SARAH P. kindly gave her time to The Electricity Club for a fascinating chat about her hopes, fears and ideals as a solo artist… Continue Reading ›

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