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A Not So Short Conversation with CULT WITH NO NAME

With  their two most recent albums ‘Heir Of The Dog’ and ‘Media Burn’, CULT WITH NO NAME have consolidated their position as “post-punk balladeers”.What CULT WITH NO NAME have never been short of is mood, but their artistic progression has included more expansive and electronic arrangements. Erik Stein took time out to chat with The Electricity Club about their most recent works and also the conundrum of practical packaging for compact discs. Continue Reading ›


CULT WITH NO NAME are possibly smoothness personified. The suave crooner figure of  Erik Stein and the understated ivory virtuoso of Jon Boux issued their first album ‘Paper Wraps Rock’ in 2007. Having released their best album to date in 2017’s ‘Heir Of The Dog’, ‘Mediaburn’ is their ninth and features the familiar cast of esteemed supporting players such as Kelli Ali, Steve Brown and Blaine L Reininger, who made their names in SNEAKER PIMPS and TUXEDOMOON. Continue Reading ›


Coming up to the release of their eight album, what CULT WITH NO NAME have never been short of is mood. This made them the ideal curators for the soundtrack to the film ‘Blue Velvet Revisited’ which also featured TUXEDOMOON and JOHN FOXX. The self-confessed post-punk electronic balladeers have come up with the occasional cracking introspective pop song like ‘Breathing’, but ‘Heir Of The Dog’ sees the pair deliver their most accessible long player of their career. Continue Reading ›

KELLI ALI Interview

KELLI ALI first came to public attention as the lead singer of SNEAKER PIMPS. Their debut album ‘Becoming X’ featured the hit singles ‘6 Underground’ and ‘Spin Spin Sugar’. Since her first solo album ‘Tigermouth’ in 2003, KELLI ALI has recorded a further four records in her own name. She kindly answered a few questions from The Electricity Club about her new project ‘Ghostdriver’ as well as reflecting on her career and continuing development as an artist... Continue Reading ›


CultWthNoName3 photographed by Chris DorneyCULT WITH NO NAME are a London based duo comprising of Erik Stein and Jon Boux. Referring to themselves as “post-punk electronic balladeers”, they released their debut album ‘Paper Wraps Rock’ in 2007. The expanded palette of 2010’s ‘Adrenalin’ and 2012’s ‘Above As Below’ gained them further plaudits. CULT WITH NO NAME’s vocalist Erik Stein kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about the duo’s career to date and his interest in the subgenre of synthpunk. Continue Reading ›

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