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KALEIDA Tear The Roots

Moody electronic duo KALEIDA finally release their debut album ‘Tear The Roots’. Having come to wider attention opening for RÓISÍN MURPHY on her European tour in 2015, vocalist Christina Wood and synthesist Cicely Goulder released two EPs ‘Think’ and ‘Detune’ in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The title song of the former release was included on the soundtrack of the 2014 noir action thriller ‘John Wick’. And ‘Think’ is the only track from those two EPs to adorn ‘Tear The Roots’. More Inside ›

BLACK NEEDLE NOISE Lost In Reflections

Last year saw yet another metamorphosis for the legendary John Fryer, this time masquerading as BLACK NEEDLE NOISE. A year on, and the noise magician is ready to serve his follow-up dish of BLACK NEEDLE NOISE, this time thoughtfully titled 'Lost In Reflections'. Having recently swapped his home studio in the frosty Oslo onto the warmth of LA, Fryer has been busy with further collaborations. More cinematic this time round, the master pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable. More Inside ›

KITE BASE Latent Whispers

KITE BASE comprise of two bass guitars, electronics, a Tempest drum machine named Alan and the haunting vocals of Kendra Frost. KITE BASE started as a side project of SAVAGES bassist Ayşe Hassan. And now comes the debut longer player Latent Whispers'. Beginning with the wonderfully hypnotic ‘Transition’, the juxtaposition of rhythm machine and sequenced blops with rugged melodic four string inevitably recalls NEW ORDER. More Inside ›

The Electricty Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2016

Overall, 2016 was not a vintage year, but there were plenty of quality songs on offer throughout the year and a number were significantly outstanding. Rounding down to a final 30 songs is always difficult but after much deliberation and with a restriction of one song per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 30 Songs of 2016 in alphabetical order… More Inside ›


troikaTroika from Russian: тройка “A group of three working together…” Promising an evening of “triple synth sorcery”, the Troika! tour reached The Shacklewell Arms in London as the line-up of KITE BASE, HANNAH PEEL and I SPEAK MACHINE each presented their own variations on the expansive theme of electronic music. As HANNAH PEEL put it to The Electricity Club recently: “although the music from each act is different, it does feel similar in a way”. More Inside ›