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KLOQ Behind The Screams

KLOQ Behind The ScreamsThe über talented Oz Morsley, who is the brains behind Chelmsford boys KLOQ, has had a long standing career in electronic music. KLOQ's first album 'Move Forward' grabbed the audience with freshness of ideas and superiority of sound. The second opus 'Begin Again' was born in the uncertainty of member changes. 'Behind The Screams' brings back the freshness and guts again. Continue Reading ›

KLOQ Interview

KLOQ colour2015Much can be said about Chelmsford's KLOQ, who surfaced onto the electronic music scene in 2005 and three years later wowed with the brilliant 'Move Forward'. 2013 'Begin Again' drifted away from the previous album's path and made no impact on puzzled KLOQ fans. The Gun' EP released this summer however, promised a comeback to the fluidity of work KLOQ are capable of. TEC chatted to Morsley about the past, present and what the future may hold for them. Continue Reading ›


KLOQ The Gun artChelmsford born KLOQ achieved great artistic success with their celebrated 2008 album 'Move Forward', but 2013’s 'Begin Again' somehow drifted away from the purity of electronic genre and the production was hailed as mediocre at best, leaving one to wonder what went wrong. KLOQ are powerful however, and Morsley does not rest on his laurels in search of superiority. The new EP 'The Gun' proves that the Essex boys are as ingenious as they are quick on trigger. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: KLOQ Move Forward

kloq_move_forwardKLOQ may not have the wealth of tunes to add to their back catalogue. Nevertheless both their albums, 'Move Forward' released in 2008, and 'Begin Again' from 2013 are true electronica gems that every self-respecting synth fan would appreciate. 'Move Forward' innovates the genre of electronica, having been endorsed by no other than Douglas McCarthy of NITZER EBB and spent several weeks on the top of Deutsche Alternative Charts upon its release. Continue Reading ›