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A Short Conversation with KOMPUTER

In association with Cold War Night Life, TEC006 on SATURDAY 30TH NOVEMBER 2019 at Electrowerkz in London will feature the live return of KOMPUTER. Taking a leaf out of the low monobrow antics of OASIS, the duo of Simon Leonard and David Baker decided “instead of ripping off THE BEATLES we'd rip off KRAFTWERK”. In a break from making preparations for the show, David Baker had a quick chat about Russian history, OMD, Daniel Miller and more… Continue Reading ›

REIN to Headline TEC006 at London Electrowerkz in November

REIN, the Queen of EBM arrives in London for her first UK show this November! Be prepared to dance! In association with Cold War Night Life, TEC006 will feature the young game-changing Swede with her two female percussionists to present a powerful set of hard hitting, adrenaline pumping EBM with a pop twist. A true Rebel Girl, Joanna Reinikainen has moved the dial from aggressive shouty guys to tough girls; so this is girl power for real. Continue Reading ›

The Electronic Legacy of MUTE RECORDS

MUTE thumbnailWithout doubt, Mute Records is one of the most important record labels in the history of electronic music. While the early electronic legacy of Virgin Records helped the genre gain its first foothold in the mainstream, the discerning ethos of Mute has maintained its presence in both pop and more experimental fields. So what twenty albums or EPs best represent Mute’s electronic legacy? With a restriction of one release per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s choices. Continue Reading ›

Thalys: A Short Conversation with METROLAND

Thalys_Promo14METROLAND are the Belgian conceptual duo with synthetic sounds from the ‘underground’. Such has been the quality of their tracks, several unscrupulous eBay dealers in Russia were passing off CD-Rs of three tracks from the debut long player ‘Mind The Gap’ as KRAFTWERK demos in 2013! METROLAND have now returned with their Kling Klang flavoured Technopop courtesy of the multi-formatted single ‘Thalys’. Passengers S and A kindly spoke about their upcoming railway journey. Continue Reading ›


metroland-03METROLAND have a manifesto: a conceptual band bringing synthetic sounds from the ‘underground’. The debut album ‘Mind The Gap’ has certainly impressed the wider electronic music community and invitations to both remix and support OMD have been evidence of that. And the song that the duo have been asked to remix?? Yes, ‘Metroland’! The duo kindly spoke to The Electricity Club from their base in Brussels about their technological ideals and commuter concepts. Continue Reading ›

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