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NIGHT CLUB Scary World

“It’s a scary world out there”; words you can hear far and wide all across the globe, but when you enter the world of NIGHT CLUB, it can get scarier still. For the twisted, dirty and sick, look no further than the bombastic American duo, where Emily Kavanaugh rules the roost with her aggressive vocal style, sugar coated at times, but don’t be fooled... ‘Requiem For Romance’ was good, ‘Scary World’ is scarier and better. Way to go Mr Brooks, and welcome back Miss Kavanaugh. Again, you haven’t disappointed. Continue Reading ›


If Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had not been part of The Disney Club but actually raised by The Addams Family, would they have ended up making a record like this? NYXX begins her year with some ‘Voodoo’. Laced in lusty gothic tension with robotic voices and an almost evangelical middle eight from Daniel Graves, ‘Voodoo’ is like its predecessor ‘Diabolical’, co-written by the AESTHETIC PERFECTION main man. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide to PET SHOP BOYS Collaborations + Remixes

Bridging the gap between Synth Britannia and Acid House, PET SHOP BOYS first found international success with ‘West End Girls’ in 1986. Since their imperial phase, they have shown their versatility in projects ranging from producing or remixing other artists and running their own Spaghetti Records label to assorted theatre, film and ballet commissions. Presented in chronological order with a limit of one track per artist project, here are 20 tracks by PET SHOP BOYS… collaboratively! Continue Reading ›

NIGHT CLUB Requiem For Romance

night-club-requiem-for-romance'Requiem For Romance' is the debut long playing opus by the LA based duo NIGHT CLUB. Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks kicked off NIGHT CLUB in 2011. The Comedy Central show 'Moonbeam City' saw the band's compositions featuring in all ten episodes of the production. Although 2014 saw their best body of work so far with the 'Black Leather Heart' EP, 'Requiem For Romance' promises to capture a "more bombastic and aggressive" sound. Continue Reading ›


NIGHT CLUB Bad GirlLA based duo NIGHT CLUB launch their forthcoming debut album 'Requiem For Romance' with their most provocative musical offering yet. Entitled ‘Bad Girl’, it is perhaps less Britney and more Gaga in its approach with the use of vocal pitch shift adding a particularly sinister air to proceedings. Following their best body of work so far in 2014’s ‘Black Leather Heart’, ‘Bad Girl’ is a startling progression. Continue Reading ›

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