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Today, electronic instrumental music is everywhere, but often in the form of tedious dance tracks with no tunes all over Beatport and social media. Luckily, there are still exponents of the classic synth instrumental, and thanks to the rise of the Synthwave sub-genre, there is currently a sympathetic environment for more esoteric and melodic musical offerings. TEC presents its 25 FAVOURITE SYNTH INSTRUMENTALS Of The 21ST CENTURY… More Inside ›


hiddenplace-nero-schwartzItalian quartet HIDDEN PLACE came into being in 2004 and have since gathered a sizeable audience within the followers of electro wave trends. Antonio Losenno, Fabio Vitelli and Giampiero Di Barbaro are the three culprits responsible for the music, while the lyrics and vocals fall into the ownership of Sara Lux. Having released a few albums like the excellent ‘Fantasia Meccanica’ in 2007; 'Nero Schwarz' is a retrospective collection of tunes. More Inside ›

Five Years of TEC: 30 Favourite Gigs 2010 – 2014

In the five years since its formation on 13th March 2010, The Electricity Club has reviewed over a hundred gigs and witnessed some fabulous live performances as well as some not so great ones… one was so bad in fact, TEC declined to submit a review in the end! Listed in chronological order with a restriction of one headline gig per artist, here are The Electricity Club’s 30 favourite gigs from the period between 2010 to 2014… modesty prevents The Electricity Club from listing its own TEC001, TEC002 and TEC003 events ;) More Inside ›

Wolves: A Short Conversation with MARNIE

Small_marnie-600x399Following the release of her acclaimed debut solo album 'Crystal World' in 2013, MARNIE has unveiled a brand new single 'Wolves'. Released to coincide with the Scottish Independence Referendum, it has been described as “a soaring anthem for anyone that doesn't believe in sticking with the status quo”. MARNIE kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about her new venture and her thoughts on the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum. More Inside ›

CLIENT Interview

CLIENT Authority4After a five year long hibernation, CLIENT are back with a new line-up and studio album ‘Authority’. Client A remains the driving force behind the act, but has now been joined by new lead vocalist Client N and musically by David Francolini - a producer / musician with a pretty diverse musical background. Client A kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about what motivated her to reboot CLIENT, some of the act’s history and what we can expect from the new album. More Inside ›

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