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TEC’s 2017 End Of Year Review

The world found itself in a rather antagonistic and divisive state this year, as if none of the lessons from the 20th Century’s noted conflicts and stand-offs had been learnt. After a slow start to 2017, there was a bumper crop of new music from a number of established artists. Overall, it was artists of a more mature disposition who held their heads high and delivered, as some newer acts went out of their way to test the patience of audiences by drowning them in sleep while coming over like TRAVIS on VSTs. Continue Reading ›

LAIBACH Also Sprach Zarathustra

Midway through 2017 sees a veritable hive of activity for Slovenia’s LAIBACH, this includes the release of ‘Liberation Day’; and almost simultaneously ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’, the band’s version of music for the theatrical production of Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’. Whereas 2014’s album ‘Spectre’ could be a considered a fairly commercial release, this piece of work comes across as a far more experimental and challenging proposition. Continue Reading ›

LAIBACH Live in London

Laibach 7LAIBACH are the musical wing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) - translated from German as meaning "New Slovenian Art” Pre-performance, the atmosphere was set with the original soundtrack from ‘The Sound Of Music’ motion picture being played over the PA. Synthesizer players Luka Jamnik, Rok Lopatič and drummer Janez Gabrič commenced the show by building up challenging layers of piano and electronics. Continue Reading ›

The Electronic Legacy of MUTE RECORDS

MUTE thumbnailWithout doubt, Mute Records is one of the most important record labels in the history of electronic music. While the early electronic legacy of Virgin Records helped the genre gain its first foothold in the mainstream, the discerning ethos of Mute has maintained its presence in both pop and more experimental fields. So what twenty albums or EPs best represent Mute’s electronic legacy? With a restriction of one release per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s choices. Continue Reading ›


FLETCHMikeCooperSome of the most successful and influential underground acts of the last 30 years performed over the two day programme at Short Circuit Presents Mute, curated by the innovative independent record label started by Daniel Miller in 1978 to originally release his single 'Warm Leatherette' / 'T.V.O.D.'under the moniker of THE NORMAL. But added to that was a unique and possibly equally exciting lecture series featuring production luminaries including Gareth Jones and Flood. Continue Reading ›