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Deeply rooted in Celtic folklore with Wiccan beliefs, the highly spirited music of WITCH OF THE VALE is like nothing else within the world of electronica today. WITCH OF THE VALE’s debut last year with ‘The Way This Will End’ EP gathered enough appreciation and enthusiasm for the pair to continue their Pagan musical experimentation and this winter sees the release of the second EP ‘Trust The Pain’. Erin and Ryan Hawthorne are definitely revealing more and more of their magical world. Continue Reading ›


Producer Jonas Rasmusson had been recording as TRAIN TO SPAIN since 2011, but it wasn’t until the recruitment of singer Helena Wigeborn in 2013 that things begin to gather momentum. The 2015 debut album ‘What It's All About’ featured songs such as ‘Passion’ and ‘Remind Myself’ which showcased the duo’s potential, coming over at times like like Lana Del Rey fronting YAZOO. And now, ‘A Journey’ continues, so take a TRAIN TO SPAIN and go round the world again... Continue Reading ›


Train to spain 2015 gigSweden’s TRAIN TO SPAIN finally released their debut album ‘What It’s All About’ in 2015, having issued music in a variety of different line-ups since 2001. Featuring singer Helena Wigeborg and instrumentalist Jonas Rasmusson, ever keen to move forward and enrich their sound, TRAIN TO SPAIN have now been joined by Lars Netzel. Helena, Jonas and Lars kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about the past, present and future of TRAIN TO SPAIN. Continue Reading ›

TRAIN TO SPAIN What It’s All About

TRAIN TO SPAIN-What It´s All AboutTRAIN TO SPAIN’s first long player ‘What It's All About’ is an enjoyably flirtatious affair centred around a crashing metronomic heartbeat akin to the 1985 ‘Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder' album combined with the duo’s love of LADYTRON and DEPECHE MODE. Indeed, titles such as ‘Work Harder’ and ‘Martin, David & Fletch’ indicate that this passion has permeated lyrically too. Continue Reading ›

Introducing TRAIN TO SPAIN

TRAIN TO SPAIN01First spotted sharing a stage with PAGE and MACHINISTA at Cold War Night Life’s ‘An Evening With The Swedish Synth’ last March, promising Gothenburg synthpop duo TRAIN TO SPAIN are finally set to release their debut album. Named after a lyric from THE HUMAN LEAGUE’s ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’, although synthmeister Jonas Rasmusson has been making music for a while as TRAIN TO SPAIN, he subsequently met “a girl on a boat” and recruited the sultry Helena Wigeborg as vocalist. Combining their love of DEPECHE MODE and LADYTRON, the journey got underway again for TRAIN TO SPAIN. Continue Reading ›