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A Beginner’s Guide To COLIN THURSTON

While Colin Thurston is perhaps not as lauded as Conny Plank, Giorgio Moroder and Trevor Horn, he undoubtedly helped shape the sound of a pioneering musical era. It was Thurston’s work with DURAN DURAN that was to have the biggest worldwide impact. His portfolio indeed reads like a Who's Who? of popular music; The Electricity Club looks back at the career of Colin Thurston via eighteen tracks presented in chronological order, with a limit of one track per album project. Continue Reading ›


burgess1Richard James Burgess is the renowned record producer who famously coined the term New Romantic. He is also a successful musician in his own right with the group LANDSCAPE. It is the Simmons SDSV that could be considered Burgess’ biggest contribution to music and popular culture. On a rare visit to the UK, he took time out from his busy schedule to talk to The Electricity Club at length about his pioneering career. Continue Reading ›