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A Synth Is For Life & Not Just For Christmas…

Remember, a synth is for life and not just for Christmas...As the Yule Tide season gets into full swing, The Electricity Club presents a collection of modern seasonal tunes with a more artful slant. With a song to play on each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, each has their own take on the holiday period, whether happy or sad or both. Whatever your plans whether with the family or in the studio, please remember, a synth is for life and not just for Christmas… may it bring you lots of cheer ?? Continue Reading ›

LOLA DUTRONIC Everyone’s A Star

Following on from the Jean Luc Goddard soundtrack in the 21st Century mini-album of ‘Musique’ featuring the dreamy Martin Rev co-write ‘Whisper’, LOLA DUTRONIC’s new long player ‘Everyone's A Star’ develops on their established JANE BIRKIN meets SAINT ETIENNE template. The album’s lead single ‘Everybody Loves You When You're Dead’ features backing vocals from Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of TOM TOM CLUB and TALKING HEADS fame. The song itself is a bittersweet roll of honour wryly reflecting on society’s obsession with flawed deceased characters. Continue Reading ›


lola_epLOLA DUTRONIC are Lola Dee and Richard Citroen, a charming duo who divide their time between Berlin, Toronto and Paris. Aided by the use of lush electronics, their sound is a chichi homage to classic French and British artists. Their seven track ‘Musique’ EP has now been relaunched to the wider public. This nostalgia-tinged soundtrack inevitably recalls the Nouvelle Vague imagery of ALAIN DELON and BRIGITTE BARDOT in a JEAN-LUC GODARD cinematic classic. Continue Reading ›