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The profile of Norwegian singer / songwriter / producer SUSANNE SUNDFØR is probably at its career zenith right now, thanks to some quality collaborations with a number of high profile friends. Her last album ‘The Silicone Veil’ in 2012 was her UK debut and saw her experimenting more within electronica. Since then, there has been her epic guest lead vocal on M83’s ‘Oblivion’ for the theme song of the same titled Tom Cruise film, as well as key appearances with fellow Norwegians RÖYKSOPP and Swedish producer KLEERUP. This all sets the scene nicely for SUSANNE SUNDFØR’s new, eagerly anticipated solo album ‘Ten Love Songs’. Continue Reading ›

CURXES Further Still

CURXES further-thumbSouth Coast duo CURXES’ new song ‘Further Still’ does what it says on the tin and shows the band developing away from their initial DEPECHE MODE meets SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES template. Whatever, ‘Further Still’ has an eerie intro leading to a marvellously chilling build and to visualise its unsettling vibe, CURXES have produced their best video yet with a rather disturbing promo around the surreal theme of human taxidermy. Continue Reading ›