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Lost Albums: MAISON VAGUE Synthpop’s Alive

Maison Vague-SynthpopsAlive-cover"Living in a dream since 1983", MAISON VAGUE’s ‘Synthpop’s Alive’ was one of the surprise albums of 2011. Paying homage to Synth Britannia and in particular, GARY NUMAN, it was the work of Clark Stiefel, an Essen domiciled American musician based in a modern day Neudeutsche Schule. ‘Synthpop’s Alive’ was very much an album with air synth potential. The title track with its arching battlecry was initially a reaction to a YouTube video entitled ‘Synthpop Is Dead’. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 2011 End Of Year Review

It was a year which saw classic and new stand side-by-side as comrades in arms for the synthesizer. In possibly the event of the year, 'Back To The Phuture ­- Tomorrow Is Today' at London's Troxy saw godfathers GARY NUMAN and JOHN FOXX supported by MIRRORS. The Brighton quartet reappeared in the summer when the Electronic Phuture Revue gave us a celebration of synthpop cool with performances by ONETWO, RECOIL, THOMAS DOLBY and HEAVEN 17. Continue Reading ›

Vintage Synth Trumps with MAISON VAGUE

Clark_Liszt_01Living In A Dream Since 1983, MAISON VAGUE’s 'Synthpop’s Alive' was one of the surprise albums of 2011 and is possibly the best wholly independent release of the year. It is the creation of Clark Stiefel, a German domiciled American with a love for all things 'Synth Britannia'. The Electricity Club challenged Clark Stiefel to a game of Vintage Synth Trumps over Dim Sum and a few glasses of Altbier on a lovely evening in downtown Düsseldorf. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2011

Austra-Spellwork-150x150So what did The Electricity Club think was hot back in 2011? It featured a day in March when THE HUMAN LEAGUE, JOHN FOXX and DURAN DURAN all released new albums, while VILE ELECTRODES launched their debut EP. In a year when the synth pioneers were finally recognised for their valuable contribution to popular culture, here is The Electricity Club’s Top 30 songs of 2011 in alphabetical order by artist. Continue Reading ›

Introducing MAISON VAGUE

maisonIn 2008, PARRALOX declared “We believe in electric love”! Now in 2011, “Synthpop’s alive!” is the MAISON VAGUE battlecry! Consisting of lone American-born keyboardist / programmer Clark Stiefel, the title track of MAISON VAGUE’s album was initially a reaction to a YouTube video entitled ‘Synthpop Is Dead’. Totally disagreeing with its creator, Clark responded but instead of speaking his protest, he sang it in a classic synthpop style. Continue Reading ›

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