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A Beginner’s Guide To OMD

Celebrating their 40th Anniversary, OMD are one of the acts from the Synth Britannia era whose creative powers now are as strong as their chart heyday. By way of a Beginner’s Guide to showcase the diverse facets of OMD, The Electricity Club has selected 25 tracks of interest, largely eschewing those made famous by singular consumption. With a restriction of one track per album project, they highlight how they have maintained their standing as a creative and cultural force. Continue Reading ›

2nd Thought: The Legacy of OMD

In an accolade already accorded to ENO, JAPAN, SIMPLE MINDS, ABBA and THE POLICE, OMD’s first four landmark long players ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’, ‘Organisation’, ‘Architecture & Morality’ and ‘Dazzle Ships’ are being reissued as Half Speed Abbey Road vinyl remasters. Packaged in reproductions of their original Peter Saville designed sleeves, these releases from Universal Music reaffirm OMD’s often forgotten role as premier electronic pop pioneers. Continue Reading ›

OMD Synthetic Engineering

OMD’s existing performance set-up with two Roland Fantom X8 workstations actually has its roots in the 1983 Dazzle Ships Live Presentation. Some of the more purist observers complain about the lack of analogue instruments in the current live shows. Even in the pioneering days, OMD were thinking carefully about how best technologically to present themselves in a live context to an audience that was still growing accustomed to electronic based music. Continue Reading ›

MAL HOLMES Interview

OMD drummer Mal Holmes has been musically associated with founder members Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys since THE ID. Always a favourite of the fans, a banner at a gig once proclaimed "MAL IS GOD!" Just before the soundcheck for the opening show in Brighton, Mal Holmes spoke to The Electricity Club to give an interesting insight into being a drummer in an electronic pop band and the artistic conundrums that it throws up. Continue Reading ›