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IONNALEE made her London live debut appropriately at Heaven and like her recorded work, it was a full-on audio / visual experience. The vehicle of the mysterious Swedish singer / songwriter / producer / filmmaker Jonna Lee, the memorable presentation comprised of a powerful electronic soundtrack, engaging performance art and striking but unimposing visuals. IONNALEE is both a new start and the continuation of a story that began with IAMAMIWHOAMI, Continue Reading ›

RÖYKSOPP The Inevitable End

Royksopp-TheInevitable-artWith a typical gap of 4-5 years between most of their albums, RÖYKSOPP fans would certainly feel like its birthday and Christmas arriving all at once with the release of ‘The Inevitable End’. The new collection comes hot on the heels of the ROBYN collaboration mini-album ‘Do It Again’. In the accompanying press release, ‘The Inevitable End’ (the clue’s in the title) has been announced as the final RÖYKSOPP album. Continue Reading ›