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There are many bands from the Synth Britannia-era that are often perceived as being electronic, when in fact they either started off in a traditional band format and integrated synthesizers/sequencers or remained like that throughout most of their career. ULTRAVOX, NEW ORDER and GARY NUMAN all fell into that format, but what about others who have successfully managed to meld the rigidity and coldness of electronics with the more human element of guitars. Continue Reading ›

The Synics Guide to LADY GAGA

BBC2's 'The Culture Show' dedicated a rather bizarre documentary to LADY GAGA last night entitled 'The Mother Monster' as the former Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta prepared to launch her new album 'Artpop'. She's been a guilty pleasure at TEC HQ over the years and back in 2011, we put togther a 'Synics Guide' to her work... check out the MIRRORS Une Autre Monde Mix – Nuit of 'Judas' if nothing else. Continue Reading ›