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Although on the surface, things have appeared to be relatively quiet in the NINE INCH NAILS camp, the core duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have over the last few years been busy working on soundtrack material. This sidestep into film music composition has been a lucrative and creative outlet for the band. But all this has been at the expense of releasing material for their day job with NINE INCH NAILS. Trent Reznor has followed through with his promise to deliver a trilogy of EP releases this year. Continue Reading ›

DAVIDGE Interview

www.imagesbyfin.comAlthough not a household name, Neil Davidge was a pivotal part of Bristol’s MASSIVE ATTACK for nearly 15 years. This year has seen the release of his debut solo album ‘Slo Light’ which features CLAIRE TCHAIKOWSKI, CATE LE BON and the legendary SANDIE SHAW. DAVIDGE kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about his stellar musical CV and shared some fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ stories of his musical production work. Continue Reading ›

The Electronic Legacy of VIRGIN RECORDS

Virgin Records celebrates its 40th Anniversary and although the label is now owned by the Universal Music Group, its colourful history is forever associated with the championing of new and unconventional music forms during its fledgling years. Richard Branson started his empire with nothing more than a mail order outlet selling discounted records. So here are twenty albums from the iconic label which The Electricity Club considers significant in the development of electronic music. Continue Reading ›


After a year’s delay, it is finally here - the comeback album of Swedish trio DAYBEHAVIOR, ‘Follow That Car!’ The trio have not been exactly prolific even by today’s standards; their first long player ‘:Adored’ came out in 1996 while there were delays for its follow-up ‘Have You Ever Touched A Dream?’ which was finally released in 2003. Carl Hammar and Paulinda Crecentini from DAYBEHAVIOR talked to Johan Wejedal about the present and the future. Continue Reading ›