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30 Lost Obscure Alternatives Of The 45 RPM Era

Vinyl still holds a special affection with the emotional attachment given to a piece of music captured on bit of plastic almost unparralled. So here are 30 synth friendly obscure alternatives from the era when vinyl was king, which for whatever reason, have been lost in the mists of time. These are great but obscure singles and album tracks from places as far flung as Australia, Japan and Canada that were overlooked at their time of release in the UK, but which all deserve critical reappraisal. Continue Reading ›

MATT FRETTON 1964 – 2013

MATT FRETTON It’s So HighThe Electricity Club was sad to hear about the passing of MATT FRETTON, best known for being DEPECHE MODE’s support act between 1982 to 1984 and achieving a Smash Hits front cover in Summer 1983 on the back of his minor hit single ‘It’s So High’. Matt had taken his own life in October 2013 after the death of his partner Sussie Ahlburg; press reports following the recent inquest revealed he had struggled to cope in the months afterwards. Continue Reading ›