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MESH Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig

If the Bristol duo can “mend hearts” with their super electronic studio work and live performances, MESH sure stepped up the musical surgery back in 2015, playing live at Neues Gewandhaus in Leipzig, not just alone, but accompanied by a sixty five piece orchestra. The event called ‘Gothic Meets Classic’ also featured COVENANT and VNV NATION, seeing all of the bands abandoning their bread and butter synths, letting the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings take over... More Inside ›

TEC’s 2016 End Of Year Review

tec2016review-mopho2016 will forever be remembered as the year when a significant number of cultural icons and popular musical figures left us; DAVID BOWIE, PRINCE, TOMITA, PETE BURNS, COLIN VERNCOMBE, KEITH EMERSON, DON BUCHLA and LEONARD COHEN were just some of the names who sadly departed. But despite sadness that loomed, the year did produce some good music, particularly in the second half of the year, although in all, 2016 was not a vintage year for electronic pop. More Inside ›

The Electricty Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2016

Overall, 2016 was not a vintage year, but there were plenty of quality songs on offer throughout the year and a number were significantly outstanding. Rounding down to a final 30 songs is always difficult but after much deliberation and with a restriction of one song per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 30 Songs of 2016 in alphabetical order… More Inside ›


mesh-live2016-03With their new album ‘Looking Skyward’, MESH alleviated any fears that they might not be have been able to sustain the artistic momentum following the success of 2013’s ‘Automation Baby’. With the final show of an intensive European jaunt, this continued with a confident and impressive London show that drew from much of 'Looking Skyward'. Along for the ride were AESTHETIC PERFECTION and EMPATHY TEST. More Inside ›


presence-of-mind-pure-artworkAlthough PRESENCE OF MIND released recordings as early as 1995, the Swedish trio only released their full length debut album ‘Interpersonal’ in the summer of 2014. Thankfully, Christoffer Lundström, Johannes Ambros and Anders Wallroth have taken far less time to produce their follow-up album ‘Pure’ which develops on the dark, but danceable electronic soundtrack of its predecessor. More Inside ›

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