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A Beginner’s Guide To CONNY PLANK

conny_plank2It was at Conny’s Studio just outside of Cologne that a number of landmark recordings were completed, notably KRAFTWERK’s ‘Autobahn’ and ULTRAVOX’s ‘Vienna’. The studio was the operational centre of engineer and producer Konrad Plank. As well as studio work, CONNY PLANK was an active musician. He leaves an important musical legacy. The Electricity Club looks back at eighteen of his works, with a restriction of one track per album project… Continue Reading ›

ELECTRI_CITY – Elektronische_Musik_Aus_Düsseldorf in Englisch

rudi+andy at KlingklangIn ‘ELECTRI_CITY - Elektronische_Musik_Aus_Düsseldorf’, Rudi Esch gives an eyewitness account of how the Düsseldorf electronic scene developed from 1970 to 1986. Andy McCluskey was interviewed by Esch for the book. With a version in Englisch retitled 'ELECTRI_CITY - The Düsseldorf School of Electronic Music' on the way, the pair discussed a variety of records at last year's ELECTRI_CITY_CONFERENCE for The ELECTRI_CITY Show. Continue Reading ›


Rusty vs Andy - Chi Ming LaiDüsseldorf paid homage to its electronic music history with a three day event of lectures, discussions and live music. The ELECTRI_CITY CONFERENCE celebrated the work of pioneers like KRAFTWERK, DAF, RIECHMANN, NEU! and LA DÜSSELDORF, as well as reflecting its worldwide influence. A year in the planning, the organisers assembled an impressive line-up of artists, musicians and academics which read like a ‘Who’s Who?’ of electronic music. Continue Reading ›

ELECTRI_CITY_Conference: An Interview with Rudi Esch

ELECTRI_CITY_Conference-rustyRudi Esch’s German language book ‘Electri_City – Elektronische_Musik_Aus_Düsseldorf’ documents the city’s innovative and inspiring music scene. To further celebrate Düsseldorf’s contribution to the world, Esch has unveiled the ELECTRI_CITY_Conference to be held from Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st October 2015. Those taking part will include Rusty Egan, Peter Hook and Stephen Mallinder. The Electricity Club had the pleasure of chatting to Rudi Esch about the ELECTRI_CITY_Conference. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To NEU!

[caption id="attachment_19556" align="alignleft" width="150"]Photo by Anton Corbijn Photo by Anton Corbijn[/caption] NEU! founder members Michael Rother and the late Klaus Dinger are two of the most highly renowned exponents of Kosmische Musik, a distinctly Germanic form that was unfortunately termed by the UK music press later as krautrock. The influence of NEU! can be heard in artists as diverse as DAVID BOWIE, U2, PAUL WELLER, SONIC YOUTH, STEREOLAB, JULIAN COPE, OMD, SIMPLE MINDS, VISAGE and ULTRAVOX. But what twenty tracks would make up an imaginary compilation to serve as an introduction for electronic music fans new to NEU! and its various offshoots? Continue Reading ›

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