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Out of all the British bands to emerge from the post-punk era, Liverpool’s A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS made one of the most lasting impacts on modern popular culture. Noted by lead singer and keyboardist Mike Score’s outlandish hairdo, his distinctive bonce was sent up on ‘The Wedding Singer’ and ‘Friends’. The legacy of A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS has now been bolstered by a new compilation on Cherry Pop with the self-explanatory title of ‘Remixes & Rarities’. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To MIKE HOWLETT

Mike-HowlettMIKE HOWLETT is undoubtedly one of the producers who helped shape the sound of Synth Britannia and Trans-Atlantic post-punk. His production career began in earnest at Dindisc Records, where he worked with fledgling acts such as THE REVILLOS, MARTHA & THE MUFFINS, MODERN EON and OMD. Presented in calendar year order and then alphabetically, with a restriction of one song per album project, TEC looks back at the impressive studio career of Mike Howlett… Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: BERLIN Love Life

It was with their first full-length album ‘Love Life’ in 1984 that BERLIN enhanced their reputation and planted the seeds that led to them becoming household names for a short while. “We were first inspired to create our sound from a couple of European bands ULTRAVOX and KRAFTWERK that were using these new kinds of keyboards that created very different sounds than those of a standard keyboard or piano.” said Terri Nunn, “It created a whole new dynamic that we fell in love with”. Continue Reading ›