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An Interview with Alex Machairas from IN TRANCE 95

The new wave and post-punk scene of Greece is one of the new (wave) frontiers currently being joyfully explored, and heavyweights of the scene IN TRANCE 95 are deservedly getting some fresh attention. With only one album 'Code Of Obsession' to their name, IN TRANCE 95 are about to release a new album 'Shapes In New Geometry' having issued a collection of unreleased material entitled 'Cities Of Steel & Neon' on the scene-defining label Minimal Wave Records and made a video for 'Wave (Are We Alone)' in 2011. IT95's Alex Machairas talked to TEC about the past - and the future. Continue Reading ›

IT95 Wave (Are We Alone)

it95Following remixing OMD's 'If You Want It', Athens minimal electro duo IT95 return with the stark number 'Wave (Are We Alone)'. As IN TRANCE 95, Alex Machairas and Nik Veliotis first got together in 1988 and with their debut single 'Desire To Desire', became one of first Greek acts to succeed using primarily electronic instrumentation within a song format. Their 1990 debut album 'Code Of Obsession' remains a cult favourite within Europe. Continue Reading ›