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So how did The Electricity Club arrive at its discerning musical ethos? This is a very personal list of 30 tracks that shaped The Electricity Club. These are primarily songs that solidified and expanded the interest in synth or later provided hope in the face of real music snobbery and the return of the guitar in the wake of Britpop. This is the history that the too cool for school media, who think everything jumped from KRAFTWERK to Detroit Techno in one fell swoop, don't like to mention... Continue Reading ›


Exploring states of mind from madness to creativity, FRAGILE SELF are a minimal electronic duo aiming to create dark pop music to communicate the detachment often felt within the human condition. Anil Aykan and Jonathan Barnbrook are FRAGILE SELF, thoughtful visual artists with a strong sense of partnership in music. Like a musical thesis on psychotherapy, the self-titled album is released on the 120th anniversary of the first publication of ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ by Sigmund Freud. Continue Reading ›


Several years in the making, the first self-titled product from FRAGILE SELF is an ambitious statement on mental health and the human condition. Released as a CD, vinyl album and a 480 page book which starts and ends with reconstructions of ‘before and after’ treatment for mental illness, the thoughtfully conceived project is the work of Anil Aykan and Jonathan Barnbrook. They kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about their fragile selves… Continue Reading ›

MISS KITTIN Calling From The Stars

MissKittin-Calling-cover-smallMISS KITTIN has ambitiously issued a new double opus entitled 'Calling From The Stars'. Grenoble born Caroline Hervé first found fame in the electronic revival of the early 21st Century, working with THE HACKER, FELIX DA HOUSECAT and GOLDEN BOY although she did not actually release a solo record until 2004’s ‘I Com’. She said: “I’m not writing with so many metaphors any more - it’s actually very hard just to write simple things. I just wanted to write very good, strong melodies.” Continue Reading ›


Kittin-thumbMISS KITTIN had been a much respected radio and club DJ both in her home town of Grenoble. With friend and fellow Grenoble DJ Michel Amato aka THE HACKER, she recorded ‘Frank Sinatra’ for techno/club label International DJ Gigolos in 1998 on an EP aptly called ‘Champagne!’. She has just finished her new album 'Calling From The Stars' - the first she has written completely alone. She spoke with The Electricity Club about going it alone and spiritual songwriting. Continue Reading ›

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