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DUDLEY – JECZALIK – LANGAN Live at The British Library

With THE ART OF NOISE’s  influential and innovative reputation, this live gig was never going to be an ordinary one. The British Library is certainly not your run of the mill venue either and this show was part of ‘A Season of Sound’. With their reputation as early pioneers of sampling and use of the Fairlight to grab found sounds alongside more conventional drums and synth textures, this reboot of THE ART OF NOISE made a perfect fit to help celebrate the Library’s own collection of audio. Continue Reading ›

TOM WATKINS Let’s Make Lots of Money

TOM WATKINS Let's Make Lots of Money-book‘Let's Make Lots of Money: Secrets of a Rich, Fat, Gay, Lucky Bastard’ is the frank autobiography of Tom Watkins, the Pop Svengali best known for managing PET SHOP BOYS, BROS and EAST 17. Co-written with Matthew Lindsay, the title is provocative. But then, Watkins has always been that kind of a personality. Called “A big man with a loud voice” by Neil Tennant, his high profile as a manager came with a bolshy ability to extract favourable deals, whether it was his various charges or for himself. With his earlier success founding the design agency XL, it could be argued that Watkins helped shaped an era in modern pop. Continue Reading ›

THE REST IS NOISE – 19 eighties: the rhythm of a decade

BBC CO_1980s_Mark Allan 4The Southbank Centre’s year long ‘The Rest Is Noise’ festival concluded its musical journey through the 20th century with a special event entitled ‘19 eighties: the rhythm of a decade’ which saw classical meet synthpop. Broadcast live by BBC Radio3, the evening was hosted by journalist, cultural commentator and ZTT strategist Paul Morley in the company of the BBC Concert Orchestra. It was billed as “a one-off documentary soundtrack to the decade you either love, or love to hate”. Continue Reading ›


THE ART OF NOISE & PROPAGANDA, the two influential ZTT acts that are forever associated with this pioneering phase of electronic music have new deluxe packages available. THE ART OF NOISE were named after the futurist essay 'The Art Of Noises' by Luigi Russolo. Meanwhile Düsseldorf's PROPAGANDA were the proto LADYTRON or ABBA in Hell! Continue Reading ›


langanGary Langan, along with JJ Jeczalik, Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn and Paul Morley is one of the founder members of THE ART OF NOISE. With the release of the new 'Influence' collection, The Electricity Club caught up with Gary Langan to go back down the avenues of history for an insightful interview that cleared up a few of the myths that have arisen around THE ART OF NOISE. Continue Reading ›