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A Short Conversation with PETER HOOK

Peter Hook needs no introduction as The Bass Viking in both JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER. Hook has been recording new material and ‘The Otherside’ on Rusty Egan’s ‘Welcome To The Dancefloor’ boasts his passionately delivered vocals over a pounding backing track reminiscent of his former band.

In a break from the ‘Substance’ tour which will hit Australia, New Zealand, Holland and Spain in the Autumn, Peter Hook had a quick chat with The Electricity Club…More inside ›

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NEW ORDER Presents Be Music

Despite their success, NEW ORDER still got their hands dirty in helping to produce a number of acts for Factory Records and other associated labels. ‘NEW ORDER Presents Be Music’ gathers a selection of these varied recordings.

This is a lavishly boxed 36 track 3CD affair that documents variations on the NEW ORDER theme before solo projects like ELECTRONIC, REVENGE, THE OTHER TWO and MONACO took over.More inside ›

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RUSTY EGAN PRESENTS Welcome To The Dancefloor

rusty-egan-presents-wttdfAfter many years of trials and tribulations, Rusty Egan finally presents ‘Welcome To The Dancefloor’. It’s a collection of thirteen songs that explore a varied range of topics from the euphoria of clubland to the celebration of musical heroes to personal bereavement.

Indeed, several of the songs started off as recordings for the rebooted VISAGE.

More inside ›

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PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT Brotherhood + Low-Life Live in Reading

Peter Hook Brotherhood+low-life10For those that have followed Peter Hook’s post-NEW ORDER activities, it is quite apparent that he is one of THE hardest working touring musicians around.

Hook had previously brought his ‘Movement’ / ’Power, Corruption & Lies’ show to the intimate SUB89 Reading venue in 2013,

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Rusty vs Andy - Chi Ming LaiDüsseldorf paid homage to its electronic music history with a three day event of lectures, discussions and live music. The ELECTRI_CITY_CONFERENCE celebrated the work of pioneers like KRAFTWERK, DAF, RIECHMANN, NEU! and LA DÜSSELDORF, as well as reflecting its worldwide influence.

A year in the planning,

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